All New Shield v1.4 (TLE5206)

The new board v1.4 (TLE5264) is almost four times more powerful than the old v1.2 (L298P).

It is designed from the ground up for maximum performance, allowing you to cut faster and more precisely than its predecessor, it will not slow down when cutting high up on the board nor burn out as the old one did.

Made in USA with brand name components from authorized distributors, to ensure safety and reliability.

Old v1.2 (48w) New v1.4 (180w)
  • Only 2 Chips (L298P) to drive three motors.
  • *Each chip delivers up to 2A continuous, 4A combined.
  • No output full short circuit protected.
  • No over-temperature protection.
  • No under-voltage lockout.
  • Sticker mounted heat sink.
  • Discontinued
  • 3 dedicated chips to drive each motor (TLE5206).
  • Each chip delivers up to 5A continuous (6A peak), 15A combined.
  • Output full short circuit protected.
  • Over-temperature protection.
  • Under-voltage lockout.
  • Bolted, bigger/better heat sinks.
  • 12 Months warranty


You can rest assured that this new shield will be up to the most demanding jobs while performing well between its safe operating margins.

See this example of the old shield v1.2 failing

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